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A penny for your thoughts

About 5 years ago I wrote that:

The creative mind of a designer holds enormous potential for good, utilizing critical design thinking to tackle relevant social issues.

I still firmly believe that.

But, working as a graphic designer over the past 7 years, I’ve rarely – if ever – seen the mind of a designer used to it’s full potential. We often bemoan clients for focusing on deliverables rather than outcomes yet in many agencies designers become mere facilitators, communicating a vision rather than steering it.

Just last week I met with a former colleague. We discussed the value of design and it’s place in the branding process. But more precisely, we spoke about creativity.

It was refreshing to hear the value placed on creativity – on ‘thinking’ before ‘communicating’. Many of us are creative, not just designers. If you’re pondering the launch of a new service, the invention of a new product or even the creation of a business take a moment to stop and think. It’s value, if not realised immediately, will almost certainly be recognised in the outcome and long-term success, rather than 15 minutes of fame, is what most of us truly desire.

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