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A penny for your thoughts

About 5 years ago I wrote that:

The creative mind of a designer holds enormous potential for good, utilizing critical design thinking to tackle relevant social issues.

I still firmly believe that.

But, working as a graphic designer over the past 7 years, I’ve rarely – if ever – seen the mind of a designer used to it’s full potential. We often bemoan clients for focusing on deliverables rather than outcomes yet in many agencies designers become mere facilitators, communicating a vision rather than steering it. Read more…

Work in progress

A little sneak preview of a forthcoming project for Strawberry Lodge Conference Centre in Carshalton. It’s a pretty unique place. A seventeenth-century grade 2 listed building that’s managed to keep pace with the modern world whilst maintaining all it’s character and charm.

However, after surviving more than one ‘financial crisis,’ we’re hoping the new website adds a new lease of life and drives a wealth of new business to the Lodge.

Branding by Design

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

As a graphic designer I’ve always appreciated a minimalist approach to design. Studying at Central Saint Martins taught me to be cautious of what I kept and conscious of what I threw away and it’s a principle that stuck.

However the irony is that subtracting takes longer than adding. A constant cycle of critiquing and editing. As a result, under the pressure of strict deadlines, we rarely get the opportunity to achieve that optimal balance we’re seeking for.

However, consider how that same principle might inform the practice of branding. Rather than ‘extending and increasing your portfolio’, ‘innovating in new areas and targeting new markets’ how about ‘editing’? Cast a more critical eye across your business to see where small changes might result in a big impact.

All-Star Deng

Congratulations to Chicago Bulls forward Luol Deng who was selected for his first ever NBA All-Star Game this week. We launched the Luol Deng Foundation website back in July 2011 and recently designed a bespoke landing page to empower fans to help the 6’8″ Great Britain International on his quest to become an All-Star.