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Making a creative brief truly creative

Whilst the humble brief has weathered many storms and survived, it never quite fulfills it’s potential. For those setting the brief, completing it often becomes an exercise in itself. The result, a page of unanswered irrelevant questions that do little to inspire creativity. From the perspective of the creative team, rather than providing a framework that encourages imagination (whilst retaining it’s relevance to the author) it restricts the outcomes to a prescribed list of deliverables with no real metrics for measuring it’s success.

The lads at Teehan + Lax sparked an interesting conversation about the role of the digital brief on their blog, so be sure to check that out.

For what it’s worth, here are some additional thoughts:
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Charity branding

I was recently asked to participate in a conversation around the practice of branding in the charities sector. Though the article took an alternative direction, the original question that was posed was:

“How can small to medium-sized charities use branding to enhance their fundraising without being intimidated by the potential work or costs involved?”

Having recently worked in the charity sector several ideas came to my attention.

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The bitingly cold temperatures and howling winds didn’t stop these lads from putting on a show at the Nike Pro Combat launch in North London. I was invited, along with copywriter Carl Leo, to shoot England rugby player David Strettle for an interview that was included in the second edition of digital sports magazine ActivInstinct.

Whilst I had a leisurely chat with David, Carl was put through his paces on the field, kitted out in Nike Pro Combat.

Read the full interview with David Strettle online

Interview: Branding in Focus

I recently spoke to Hannah Gannagé-Stewart, editor of Fundraiser Magazine, for an article entitled ‘Branding in focus: Uncover the key to successful branding’.

You can read a brief snippet from the interview below. Subscribe to The Fundraiser Magazine for the full article and for all your charity news and tips.

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