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Charity Branding Continued

In February I shared a few thoughts on charity branding and the unique and beneficial advantage charities inherently possess.

The Charity Commission touch on this in their guidance notes on the role of a ‘governing document’:

A governing document is obviously important. It is not just something that a charity has to have in order to be a registered charity. It is the charity trustees’ ‘instruction manual’ for the charity, as well as a legal document. We advise charity trustees to refer to it regularly to remind themselves what the charity’s purposes are and how it should be run. Each trustee should be given a full copy of the governing document on appointment.

But it’s not just for Trustees (though this often where it stops). Why not use this, or some part of it, as a basis for aligning all of your services and processes? As well as giving guidance to the running of specific projects and offerings, it might also align employees to one central mission.

As good as this is as a foundation, don’t stop here. Continue to build on this, understanding, living and communicating the nuances of the brand.

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