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Charity Branding Continued

In February I shared a few thoughts on charity branding and the unique and beneficial advantage charities inherently possess.

The Charity Commission touch on this in their guidance notes on the role of a ‘governing document’:

A governing document is obviously important. It is not just something that a charity has to have in order to be a registered charity. It is the charity trustees’ ‘instruction manual’ for the charity, as well as a legal document. We advise charity trustees to refer to it regularly to remind themselves what the charity’s purposes are and how it should be run. Each trustee should be given a full copy of the governing document on appointment.

But it’s not just for Trustees (though this often where it stops). Why not use this, or some part of it, as a basis for aligning all of your services and processes? As well as giving guidance to the running of specific projects and offerings, it might also align employees to one central mission.

As good as this is as a foundation, don’t stop here. Continue to build on this, understanding, living and communicating the nuances of the brand.

Branding by Design

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

As a graphic designer I’ve always appreciated a minimalist approach to design. Studying at Central Saint Martins taught me to be cautious of what I kept and conscious of what I threw away and it’s a principle that stuck.

However the irony is that subtracting takes longer than adding. A constant cycle of critiquing and editing. As a result, under the pressure of strict deadlines, we rarely get the opportunity to achieve that optimal balance we’re seeking for.

However, consider how that same principle might inform the practice of branding. Rather than ‘extending and increasing your portfolio’, ‘innovating in new areas and targeting new markets’ how about ‘editing’? Cast a more critical eye across your business to see where small changes might result in a big impact.

Charity branding

I was recently asked to participate in a conversation around the practice of branding in the charities sector. Though the article took an alternative direction, the original question that was posed was:

“How can small to medium-sized charities use branding to enhance their fundraising without being intimidated by the potential work or costs involved?”

Having recently worked in the charity sector several ideas came to my attention.

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Interview: Branding in Focus

I recently spoke to Hannah Gannagé-Stewart, editor of Fundraiser Magazine, for an article entitled ‘Branding in focus: Uncover the key to successful branding’.

You can read a brief snippet from the interview below. Subscribe to The Fundraiser Magazine for the full article and for all your charity news and tips.

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